3 Things You Can Do Every Day For A Healthy Neck

There is a pattern when it comes to aging. As it turns out, neck and spinal pain make up a majority of medical complaints in older adults. As an upper cervical chiropractor, I value the importance of your spine and its relationship to your overall health and wellness. Today, I am going to write about three things you can do daily that will help you feel supported and ready to take on your biggest challenges through keeping your neck healthy.

  • Hot water neck stretches in the shower

Everybody showers everyday, right? So there shouldn’t be anything holding you back
from this simple trick. As the hot shower water is running down your neck, rotate your
head through all ranges of motions. This includes dipping your chin to your chest
(flexion), looking all the way up to the ceiling (extension), bending your ear to each
shoulder (lateral flexion) and simple rotation where you looking over each shoulder as
far as you can. These simple stretches will help loosen up the all of joints in your spine
as well as activate the surrounding muscles and ligaments to help support your spine
through the motions of the day. The warm water will help open up your blood vessels
and allow for proper blood flow to help reduce inflammation and rejuvenate your joints,
discs and muscles.

  • Press your head against the back of your chair or the wall.

I love giving patients this exercise because most of us are chronically in what we call
“forward head posture” (otherwise known as text neck) thanks to our constant use of
electronics. By pushing the back of your head into the headrest of a chair or wall, it
forces your spine into the exact opposite state that it is usually in during forward head
posture. Push gently for about 5 seconds, then rest for 5 seconds. Repeat this up to 10
times a day. This exercise will bring your posture upright as it relaxes and stretches
your strained muscles.

  • Pay special attention to your head position when you’re sleeping

I hear this all of the time – “Doc, I don’t know what happened. I woke up and my neck
was bent all of the way to my shoulder and it hurts to move it.” Do the best you can to
find a pillow or a mattress that allows for your neck to be supported in a neutral position.
If your neck is in awkward position that you couldn’t be in while sitting up, you need to
make a change. Your head should be in a neutral, centered position and not bent or
tilted. The best way to sleep is face up with your neck strongly supported by your pillow.
Sleeping this way will allow for your best sleep and your neck and spine will thank you
the moment you wake up.


These are three easy ways to help manage your neck and spinal pain that can easily be
added to your daily routine. If you try these exercises and are not finding the relief
you’re looking for, or if you are just concerned about your overall health and wellness
throughout the aging process, give us a call because we can definitely help you. Our
staff will make you feel right at home and we would absolutely love to facilitate your

healing process.

Dr. Andrew Welsch