I Take A Lot of Pain Medication, Is That Bad?

Do you find yourself reaching into the medicine cabinet or digging through your purse more and more often these days? That little achy pain that you had been experiencing is coming more and more frequently and the pain killers started out working great, but you’re noticing that they are not having the same effect that they once did?

Pain Medication

Did you know…that over 50 Million American’s suffer from chronic pain?

And of that, over 30 Million American’s take NSAIDs (over the counter painkillers like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Advil).

While these are helpful tools to help you deal with pain every now and then, to rely on these in more of a chronic way, meaning taking these all the time, might indicate that there is something deeper under the surface that is not being addressed.

Maybe you’ve already had this thought. “I keep taking this medication and it helps for a while, but my pain keeps on coming back.” … sound familiar?  If so click HERE to learn more about why this might be happening and how others with similar issues found help.

You’ve probably realized that taking medications ALL THE TIME probably may lead to some side effects. But you also realize that if you stop taking the medication that you’re going to be in pain…so what do you do?

If you are reading this and this sounds familiar, reach out to me. My name is Dr. Rich Baez and I stand for a world where your current state of health does NOT dictate your future.

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If you have been struggling to find the right answers to your chronic pain and are tired of the options you have been given thus far, I may have a solution for your pain that you never even considered before.

I’m happy to talk with you for 5-10 minutes about what’s been going on, what you’ve tried, and seeing if there is an approach out there that can help get to the root cause of what has been plaguing you.


Yours in Health,

Dr. Rich Baez




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