The Best Natural Approach for Cervicogenic Headaches

There are many different types of sufferable headaches, one, in particular, is called a cervicogenic headache. Unfortunately, people with headaches struggle managing them naturally so that their life is not negatively impacted by it. Another common question is, “I didn’t have these before, why do I have them now?”


What is a Cervicogenic Headache?

Let’s start by identifying what a cervicogenic headache is. The American Migraine Foundation states that Cervicogenic Headaches are a secondary headache caused by another part of the body (neck). Even more specifically they specified the problem occurs at the upper cervical spine including all of the joints, ligaments, nerve roots and vertebral arteries (1). In other words, these headaches are from dysfunction in your neck that has been occurring for a long enough time to develop symptoms which are characterized as a cervicogenic headache.

In order to get you back to the beginning when you did not suffer from these headaches, your neck and body need a restorative process. At The Specific Chiropractic Centers, we identify how well the alignment and structures of your neck are functioning, as well as how are how the nerves in your neck are communicating to your brain and body. Through our unique technique and special technology, we help you by naturally restoring function to your neck and nervous system. It is through this process that the origin of your headache can be managed naturally, and a state or normalcy can be achieved. In this way, you and your neck can function in the state that it needs to in order to live in order to live the most optimal life you are capable of.

Don’t let these headaches win, your life is too precious. If you or anyone you know in the Boston area are suffering from cervicogenic headaches, schedule an exam to see how well your body is functioning and how your life can forever be changed.


Dr. Andrew Welsch