The One Test you Have NOT Received for your Chronic Condition

Throughout most chronic care treatments, it is just that- treatments done for your symptoms originating from dysfunction that has occurred over enough time for it to develop. These treatments have merely gotten to the point where ideas start to become slim on how exactly your life can change and become better. People will say that “you’re going to have to live with this” or “there is not much more else we can do for you.” Yes, you have undergone plenty of tests, therapies and potentially operations but those have only gotten you to right here. I’m here to tell you, that there is one test that has never been done to examine how you can find restoration and potentially get back to the life you had before.


Chronic Conditions come in all different varieties and manifest in a multitude of ways.

They can be difficult to relate with because everyone on the outside thinks you’re fine, without knowing the personally sensitive levels you’re experiencing. They can alter your confidence and personal desire to be social and active with your friends. They could also prevent you from not being able to play and be active with your kids making you feel like less of a parent. The point is, these conditions can impact much, much more than your health.

In order to be able to functionally live the life you once were and have desires to again, you must have patience and time to restore and normalize your physiology.

Why do you think that your body is not able to heal through this? Why do you think your body is predisposed to support these kinds of conditions? The one test that has not to be done to answer these questions is for THE most important system in your body- your central nervous system. Most importantly, a test is done to functionally see how well your brain is communicating with your body and your body back to your brain via your nerves. When the part of the body that controls every cell tissue or organ in the body starts to malfunction, other areas of your body start to as well. The good news is, normalizing your neurology and physiology is exactly what I do every single day at our clinic. I’m here to tell you that there are options in which you won’t have to live like this and there is so much more that can be done for you to the life the life you’ve always desired to. Our clinic will make you feel right at home and we would love to help. To see if you’re a candidate for care and are interested in an examination of your nervous system contact or call/text 857.540.5019.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Andrew Welsch